cover of Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School by Hyacinth Grey with text shown in both braille and print

Coming Soon – Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School

The coloring pages mentioned here are ready but will not be available until just before publication.

Layout is complete!

Now, Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School will go for a Kirkus Indie Review, and then it will be self-published with FriesenPress.

Are you curious about what indie authors do? Check out Wikipedia’s article about Self-publishing.

About the Book:

Brad and Monica are five-year-old twins, who are just about to start school. Both of them are blind, so they will learn to read and write using braille. At school, they meet Mrs. Perkins, their teacher, and Mr. Ishikawa, a teaching assistant. They make new friends and have fun singing. The only problem is that one of them does not like reading, and the other one hates math!

Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School is written in both print and braille. It is an engaging and educational story, and readers of all ages will have fun learning how braille works.

The print, braille, and illustrations in this book are all in a visual form, so it is not accessible to tactile readers. For updates on this topic, please visit:

About the Author:

Hyacinth Grey loves to write. Her husband, Michael, is blind, and together they want to tell a story that also teaches about braille.

For a free coloring book of the pictures in this story, and for announcements of more stories about Brad and Monica, please visit Hyacinth Grey’s Books for Young Readers.