What I’m Working on

Updated December 29, 2020

I’d like to tell you what I’ve been planning to write, am writing right now, or wrote recently. I can’t promise anything for sure, but I will try my very best to do what I say I will.

I’m still here. I’m still working on the illustrations for Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School.

I’m getting close to having a book description for Our Place: Monica and Brad Start School.

What I can tell you is that it is a book for people about age five. There will be at least four books about Monica and Brad while they’re in kindergarten.

I love Monica and Brad, and would like to keep writing about them after they finish kindergarten, so I’m planning to write about them as they grow up. I don’t know how many books I’ll write about them in each grade, or how old they’ll be when I stop, but even if I write a book about them in tenth grade, it doesn’t mean I have to stop writing about them in kindergarten. With or without time travel. Hmmm.

As Monica and Brad get older, there will be more words, and fewer pictures, but I promise there will always be at least one picture besides the cover. That goes for all the books I mention on this website. Some of them might be in black and white, but I want them all to have pictures, and as the pictures decrease in number, they’ll increase in complexity.

I love writing different kinds of books.

For people about ages seven to ten, I’m going to write a travel / adventure / science fiction story. It happens on Earth, and will be a fun story about meeting new people and seeing new things. For now, the title is “Butterflies and Snowflakes.”

For those of you in middle school who enjoy something exciting, I’ve got a sci-fi western planned for you!

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