Talk about Titles and Taglines

I’ll tell the truth. Titles and taglines are totally my top topic today.

Every book needs a title, and so does every website. What would you think if you walked into a bookstore and saw a book called “HGB4YR?” Would you pick it up, flip through its pages a little, and try to figure out what it was about? Or would you keep looking for something more interesting? My website address (domain name) is because it’s easy to type, but I sure didn’t want to use that as the title! I want you to know what it means, so you can decide if you want to read it or look for something else.

The second part of the title is the tagline. It’s usually a sentence about the person who writes a blog or something more detailed than the title of a book (for books, it’s called a subtitle.) For example, a book might be called “My Early Days: A story of traveling across the United States.” The first part tells you that the book is probably about somebody’s childhood, and the second part tells you in a little bit more detail, so you know it will probably be about going places and meeting interesting people. My tagline is a little bit different, because I want to include you in it. I’d like people who visit my website to do activities with me and other visitors. Because I’m a writer, words are my favorite games, and my book series for kids in kindergarten is called “Our Place.” This site can be our place to play word games, and it doesn’t matter if you’re in kindergarten, third grade, or tenth grade.

I’ll tell you the truth. Thinking things through thoroughly takes time and attention to detail. So it might be a few weeks before I have any great games for us to play together at our place of peaceful playfulness.